Terms and Conditions

Your Personal Data

Sri Live Hiru is an unrestricted website and anyone can create an account to access the website contents. Account holder is responsible for all the data submitted to and via the user account.

Users can submit data, comment, message and update their information. And the users must bare the responsibility of the contents they share to the Sri Live Hiru.

Approval of Submissions

All the information will be reviewed and approved by the website management. Any videos, news and contents that violates the Sri Live Hiru Community Standards will be rejected.

What we do not allow or reject

  • Ethnic and religious conflicting information
  • Terrorism
  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Sexual and adult contents
  • Illegal contents
  • Threats to the security and the society
  • Contents affect directly to personal and social stability

Appeal or request to remove contents from the website

You have the right to request to remove any content that directly affected to you. For that first you should directly contact the website administration with an email address and contactable contact number.

In any case with law and legality, the account holder whose published contents in the websites should be responsible for the further actions.

Selling items and advertisements

You can sell items and advertise on Sri Live Hiru. All advertising should be submitted to the website administration via info@srilivehiru.com email or via website submission form. Sri Live Administration will review the advertisements and approve as necessary.

All product selling is done by Sri Live Hiru. You can purchase items via your Sri Live Hiru account and all the ordering, payments and delivery details are there in your account.

You can pay using any credit, debit, visa, master cards which have the online payment facility. Or you can pay for the goods once the goods are delivered. (Cash on Delivery)