“Study of the factors impact towards customer purchase intention of hats market in Sri Lanka”(Part 1)

1.1.1 Industry Background
Manufacturing of hats is part of apparel/clothing industry in Sri Lanka and as the topic of the dissertation illustrated both independent variable of this research study is the customer purchase intention with export performances while the dependent variable of this research study is factors which influence on such customer purchasing intention. As a result of progressively and gradually attracted by the consumers as a result of its ability to protect the skin and hair from harmful and skin damaging sunlight, dirt and dust, hat production and market has developed through the last few decades. As a result of that, Sri Lankan hat productions are already at a stage were quality hat products export to mass markets continuously. Improvement of the sense of fashion with multiple designs and styles lead the way to attract more and more consumers and expand the market both local and international perspectives.
During the forecast period from 2020-2025, headwear market such as headbands, beanies, caps and hats projected approximately 6.5% market share in the entire apparel industry. Market segmentation define as best business practices to use brands in order to divide and classify the particular target market into more manageable and smaller groups in line with customer requirements and characteristics such as; customer purchase intention. Geographic, demographic, psychographic and consumer behavioral pattern referred to as key market segments connected with hat market in Sri Lanka. Moreover, material usage, end-user and type of product also considered as market segments associated with hat market in Sri Lanka. Depend on the various types of distribution channels, the hat market is segmented into online retail stores and offline retail stores, which also inter-connected with customer purchase intention.

1.1.1 Company Background
Yash Hat Lanka (Private) Limited considered as pioneer hat manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, which produce wide range of highest quality hats for both local and export markets. Yash Hat Lanka commence its business operations in 2016 as a subsidiary company to its parent companies, legendary Korean Hatmaker and Sunny Hats of Hong Kong, which is manufacturing and trading wide range of high-quality products with annual turnover exceeding USD 100 million. This is the reason behind company name “YASH”. Currently company have developed to be one finest and leading hat manufactures within the South Asian region which is having more than 100 years of experience in hat manufacturing.
True Sri Lankan craftsman, finest material with highest standards and as well as wide range of styles are the key behind the success story of the company. Considering the customer purchasing intention in line with marketing strategies adopted, the company manufactures hats to meet any customer requirements such as; indoor, outdoor, winter, summer, spring, natural, formal, leisure, etc. Moreover, company has implemented and developed modern and advanced production technology for the purpose of upgrading the production skills and requirements to strive the customer need with more comfort and physical health while promoting the sales targets of the company. Marketing strategies adopted by the company considering the customer purchase intention is the reason for selecting Yash Hat Lanka (Private) Limited for this research study.