“Study of the factors impact towards customer purchase intention of hats market in Sri Lanka” (Part 2)

1.1.1 Background of the Problem
Motivational factors which made impact towards the customer purchase intention considered has challenges to be deal with market strategies and create revenue and increase profits of the company. The purchasing process in relation to purchase particular product or brand influenced by different motivational factors, notably type of product, style, design, fashion price, quality standards, customer knowledge and brand awareness, celebrity endorsement, environmental factors, etc. (Shafiq et al., 2011). Customer purchase intention has direct relationship with sensitive information about the particular product such as “what will such brand offers?” or “whether and how particular brand fulfill the consumer requirements?” (Anhold. 2000). As stated by Balckwell et al., (2001), based on the internal and external environmental factors and motivational factors customers made decisions about the particular product or the brand and such facts made direct influence on the customer purchase intention.
Moreover, it is argued that, external factors such as geographic, group and demographic also have made significant impact towards the customer purchase intention (Abdul Razak and Kamarulzaman, 2009). Zaal (2009), emphasis that, different types of economic circumstances and marketing strategies compel the companies to adopt efficient operational strategies in order to ensure the right brand/product to the right consumer groups and market resulting high revenue income which is also have significant impact towards customer purchasing intention. According to Madahi and Sukati (2012), customer purchase intention has progressively become more significant and complicated more than ever due to competitive market spare. Customers are aware about the products through different marketing reports, articles, promotions and advertisements. Moreover, different types of products, unique features, superstores and brands lead the way for more complexity in relation to customer purchase intention.

2. Problem Identification
2.1 Preliminary Study
The finding of the research study illustrated that, customer purchase intentions and customer’s perception in relation to hat market in Sri Lanka influenced by environment where they resident and age. Since environmental factors made impact on people differently, it is illustrated that, young customers are influenced by the fashion, comfort and style of the product while elderly customer groups influenced by the beliefs and society values towards hats consumption. Moreover middle-age/adults influenced by the sense of uniqueness and price factors towards hats. Therefore, it is clear that, price and fashion considered as main motivational factors towards hats consumption in Sri Lanka. In this research, researcher study about the factors which made impact towards the customer purchase intention of hats market in Sri Lanka given special attention to the “Yash Hat Lanka (Private) Limited.

2.2 The Problem Statement
Consumer product manufacturing industries pay more focus and attention towards the customer purchase intention within the competitive market in order to enhanced the market and as well as maintain the business share, brand reputation and goodwill, resulting to generate considerable revenue for the company. There is every reason to believe that, customer purchase intention has paramount significance when it come to expand the market and generate revenue. This research study examines about the factors which contributes and made impact towards customer purchase intention. The main aim of this research study to explore and analysis the independent variables such as; perceived value, customer knowledge, brand awareness, celebrity endorsement, on the dependent variable, notably customer purchase intention. This research study explores the significant relation between the dependent variables and customer purchase intention.