Dr Sunethra Kankanamge ,Professor in the Sinhala and Mass Media department in the University of Sri Jayewardenapura, had taught initially oriental literature, the art of singing,  poetry, classical literature, specialized in theatre and performing studies, but now teaches solely Sanskrit literature as the professor in the department of Sinhala and Mass communication. She possesses expertise and fluency in world’s many languages via experimentation, one who had loved abundantly the song and stanza. During the recent Covid-19 catastrophe . Sunethra had lamented that during calamity issue had barred in teaching online when hers and students’ vitality points are at high ebb in the mornings and afternoons but owing to the power crisis her online classes were interrupted ending as an ill-fated dilemma. This she attributed as all tend to become lethargic and lacklustre towards the afternoons.


Sunethra is one incomparable persons who could with consummate ease turn to any conversation abruptly for any erudite dialog. Sunethra is well respected as a scholarly sporadic personality from a very top drawer. As a Professor she is erudite as well as hysterical who has elevated to unparalleled tall altitudes with her enormous academic educations. She is acclaimed as a mastermind cum intellect having navigated over all possible qualifications in a university in Art at a relatively young phase in her life, her sensible triumphs unfortunately not recognised by the authorities of the Guiness Records institution


Born to humble parents in Kumarakanda had studied at Sangamitta Balika Vidyalaya in Galle had lived in a gorgeous world with two younger sisters and two younger brothers as her siblings has had very humble starts.. Father the sole breadwinner had worked as a director in water supply & drainage board in Embilipitiya . All home burdens had to be navigated over by mother with the meagre money her father had given. As during Sunethra’s younger days, she had obviously felt mother’s struggle to bring up the five children sans any sustenance from any  relatives. Then it had got embedded in mind to study hard to come to a high position in society. Sunethra reminisces her mother telling the most important thing for a married woman is to maintain her dignity ,a state of being of honour and respect, Sunethra  to date follows her mother’s advice. In school in the advanced level owing to her love to music had preferred the arts stream though she has had best results. Even to date in life she jokingly had uttered in a television dialog she is still first ,unbeatable. She prefers to take her own options not imitating anyone. Her University had been initially the Peradeniya campus but had been very short lived only for two days owing to her passion and dire appetite for music had moved on transfer to Sri Jayawardenapura university in Gangodawila. Had learned the Violin  from B Victor Perera she had learned initially.. Sunethra possesses a Sangeetha Visharada in Violin as well as Sangeetha Visharada  in vocals also had won many certificates for having participated in all island schools singing competitions while at Sangamitta Balika.Vidyalaya..


Sunethra had never failed to attend lectures particularly of Professors Tissa Kariyawasam,Sunil Ariyaratne, Srimal Wijeratne She had never missed the lectured of the latter as she had loved theatre art ,she was ever willing to portray the role of “Ratnavali” when requested. Prior to entering the university she had conducted music classes in Galle.lofessor Srimal Wijeratne

At a class of Srimal Wijeratne he had asked a linguistic  question as how could a “Murthada Nayanna” appears in a word  instead of the normal ‘Nayanna” at the end of a sentence. It had been Sunethra who had intelligently replied with a ‘cultural slogan” which had dumfounded the lecturer who had added you are a “golden student’. This uttering had inspired and stimulated Sunethra to tall elevations had thought this is the ideal place for her to be a university lecturer. She had stopped all her music classes in Galle which she had commenced, had made a vow for herself not to get involved in any love affair stimulated her significantly to read all literature books available had confessed that if any question was posed from ‘Kavyashekera’ she could answer Thereafter she had registered for MA degree had  visited India attending to Jawahalal Nehru University in New Delhi ,India which is an acclaimed as one of the finest universities in the world..Sunethra had lived for six years had traversed all over India having visited every nick and corner in India.. Sunethra had passed all possible university degrees one could achieve perhaps to become the most erudite Professor in native Sri Lanka at such a young age .After her BA Honours degree from the Jayewardenepura university she had obtained MA,PGD in writership& communication (US.J) MPhil: PhD (JNU), a feat yet to be surpassed from JNU..


During a television dialog she emphasised poet Kalidasa is the greatest Indian poet who could only be compared only to Shakespeare. Kalidasa is regarded as the greatest Indian poet explains how life is to be spent cheerfully and enthusiastically. Megaduta  ( cloud messenger) a lyric love poem book with 115 verses which is unique to Sanskrit literature. Where the poet attempts to go beyond the strophic ( verse repeating form) unity , what happens when the duo departs, explained very meticulously. The meanings of the lyrics clearly explain the real feelings of a loving couple or a married couple via the poems so cleverly worded. It was disclosed by Sunethra that many ancient and contemporary poets had imitated Kalidasa ,even to date. Sunethra emphasized that it is the fantasy that drives all lives of people though having many hardships like poverty, hunger, unemployment. Fantasy is what is inside once mind to view all subtly and delicately, one should read books, novels, poems, listen to songs, music to live happily in a fantasy world despite many deficiencies faced. .

She had authored thirteen books,  initially ‘Sangeetha Rasa Dhara’ in year 2006 ,in year 2007 ‘Shuddhavasaya’, ‘Vrkshalatha Gana Puduma Katha’ in year 2008,” Ranvan Kiyaman”  also in year 2008 , Guiding the ‘Post -Spectator’ in Sri Lanka Theatre in year 2012,’Kalidasa’ ,’Guiding the Post-Spectator” In Sri Lankan Theatre,”Andakarayata Gamanak”,”Parcy Natya Kalawa”,”Sangeetha Chamathkaraya”,”Moramal”,which are the titles of some of her books. Lately in year 2017 she published “Dramaturgy of spectators and researching the audience in Sinhala theatre .

Her advice constantly to students is to study rigidly, read books to enhance knowledge which is vital for every student. Sunethra is very fluent in the Hindi language perhaps she stands above many others in this sector. She is called upon to many radio and television programs where the meanings of Hindi songs need to be interpreted in the Sinhalese vernacular, which she does to precision, with fluency.. For instance when a song for instance ‘Ye Meera Premapartra Padh ‘ – “ Yeh Jeevan Hai” when played on air under “Barathen Esu Gee” television programs she interrupts the songs  to explain the meaning so proficiently with sub titles . It is the same with Sinhalese songs for instance “Seetha Arane Supun Nadalu” song she explains very clearly for many audiences. Sunethra is the most sought-after erudite personality to be invited to many radio and television programs very often at times making the presenters too flowed and dumbfounded by her assertions. On Erotic literature-Srungara Sahithiya programs Sunethra excels explaining what the real feel of Srungara is which is “great joy of life’ which she affirms supersedes all other joys which is displayed in the eyes of the related person.Here she used the word ‘Sparsha kireema” which is contact ,feel ,touching.. Her program “lets learn -lyrical poetry “Nuhuru Nauhuruda Rahasa” all of very high quality. Sunethra had participated in series of programs like ‘Dawase Sithuwili” ‘thoughts of the day’, also a series of Sinhala grammar programs too. Also “Language of Dance” with special attention to the Bharata Natyam and Dance choreography in contemporary times.Also “Spectator is an authentic community which expresses a modernistic ideology on spectator, using its special paradigm” which quote smears very much to the contemporary stage dramas. Sunethra emphasises on each dance form has its own language, technique, or style, which has ensued in the evolution of several dance forms in the world.


.These could be read and viewed from her two You tube channels..,


Sunethra has participated in diverse programs in many television channels .In the Charana television she participated in a long discussion with Vajira Jayawardena in programs  “Kavi 10 ta Gee 10 k where she explains the meanings of the  contents of poems written by vivid poets,. Sunethra’s pleasing nature, disposition and her inimitable style and pleasant voice added much glamour to this program. It was also so in the program “Levisara Premaya” cum ‘Srungara Sahithiya” also on Charana television her impressive knowledge in the subject made viewers to be flabbergasted watching with weighty interest in  the debate. Sunethra was invited to the guest chair at the popular SLRC program ‘Sihinayaki Re” where she had to select ten songs , the reasons for choosing them were very appropriately explained through which too many viewers were educated to an unparalleled tall altitudes. In all her programs Sunethra’s standard of the Sinhalese vernacular is very superior and high ranking with her unique type of presentation, any student or layman would love to listen and learn as there is so much to learn irrespective of ages.


A fantastic professor like Sunethra Kankanamge imparts her extensive knowledge and expertise in many fields to her students, having created a positive learning environment having known the aptitudes of each student. She possesses high sense of disposition, pleasantness in abundance, ample passion, humour, and enthusiasm sans a monotone voice, which makes the students to listen to her with supreme curiosity. All her followers and students would wish her more successes for all her future endeavors in diverse fields via through she has already navigated triumphantly.


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