Kala Suri,Kala Keerthi Dr Keselgaspe Mantunga Jayalath Manoratne  popularly known as Jayalath Manoratna, was an acclaimed infinite actor ,director, producer in Sri Lanka cinema,stage drama and television. He was a lecturer by profession as well as a director cum producer of stage and teledramas ,a poet, an author of many books. A highly versatile actor ranging from drama to comedy, Jayalath has won all possible awards at OCIC (International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audio visual), Presidential, Sarasaviya, Raigam Tele’es, Sumathi and the State Literary,Presidential awards,Signis and Drama festivals in  numerous occasions. He was the best actor as back to back as in year1991 and 1992 for his performance in Socrates and Dvitva. He is deemed by critics as one of the five actors who have conquered the Sri Lankan Stage.]

Jayalath had reminisced that from his younger days he had been imitating societies to his sisters and brothers.There had been a room in his dwelling called “Gabada Kamaraya” where all unwanted objects were dumped in.It was in this room Jayalath and his young buddies used to play portraying roles of others, which the parents and siblings used to watch secretly. Mother had quipped he was very adorable, inspiring, and emotional. He had teamed with young children had made small village folk dramas mostly imitating incidents which the elders had tremendously valued. The elders having impressed had made enthusiastic requests to perform again the roles portrayed. This had been the exploits of Jayalath which he had for fun as a past time and passion ,which enabled him to be groomed as a versatile immortal celebrity later in life. The most striking memory of Jayalath are the “Gemi Nataka”, “Sokarai Katha.”Kenduru Katha’ performed in his village as in  Hinguranketha ,which were performed by the farmers themselves who acted with swords, mamoties,  crowns, attired in intense clothes who were identified as Mathupala Aiya,Dingiri Banda Aiya,Thana Bappa,Kuddi Aiya,who were the then heroes of Jayalath and his young friends. This Jayalath had later quipped as the reason for him to adore the stage . Jayalath Manoratne was born in 12 June 1948 in Dehipe, Nuwara Eliya as the youngest son in the family of six children. His father Keselgaspe Manatunga Perera was a lorry driver and mother Agalakotuwa Herath Mudiyanselage Leela Kumari was a housewife. He had his primary education at the Dehipe Primary School . Jayalath had elder three brothers, Manatunga Seneviratne, Manatunga Wijeratne and Manatunga Ariyaratne and two  elder sisters, Indra Kumari and Mallika Kumari as siblings.

From the Dehipe primary school Jayalath had triumphed over the fifth standard scholarship examination had got admission to the Poramadulla  Central College in Rikillgaskada. where he was to be in the hostel,at which he had participated in school dramas which was in his genes though not inherited from his parental duo.The advent of Music teacher specialized in children’s drama passed out from the Heywood to the tutorial staff, Sunil Sriyananda was the turning point in Jayalath’s theatrical journey. At an early age, his music teacher, Sunil Sriyananda, recognised his abilities and encouraged him to take up acting and singing. During his school tenure, he  had engaged in several educational as well as extra-curricular activities such as been the Secretary of Sinhala Literary Association (1965), President of the Theatres Council (1966), President of the Sinhala Association (1967–68) and committee member of the Drama Board and Gandharva congregation (1969). Jayalath was the Student Leader at Boys’ Hostel in 1965–66. In 1966, he became the Senior Most Valuable athlete in College Inter-Athletic Championship. He had written to many children’s’ newspapers like ‘Tikiri’, ‘Mihira’ to which he had contributed ;Kavi’ and children’s’ stories  also lately  had authored a book while a student in the Peradeniya University..


Jayalath had participated in the schools drama’ Aspha Guduna’ portraying the main role of “Rana” in the all island inter school drama competition.From the Central Province this drama had been selected.This stage play had been shown at the Lumbini Theatre for the all Island competition, the first time young Jayalath had been to Colombo,The competition was won by Horana Vidyarathana College, but Jayalath was honoured been adjudicated for a merit award for his portrayal which had been a huge boost to his ‘alma mater’ Poramadulla Central College.Jayalath had lamented that his family had been in a poor financial position, but the encouragement give by his parental duo and siblings had him the required inspiration particularly as Jayalath was the youngest sibling. They had constantly quipped that we have to support to younger brother’s future .It has been quipped by his elder sister that Jayalath too had looked after his mother when she lived


After completing his secondary education in Geography, Sinhala, and Buddhist Civilization for G.C.E A/L, he attended the University of Peradeniya where he continued to study drama under the guidance of Professor Ediriweerra Sarathchandra. Jayalath completed his master’s degree from the University of Sri Jayewardenapura, also obtaining a PhD. He was the only postgraduate to obtain a First Class Degree in 1995. In 2013, he accepted an honorary Doctorate from the University of Peradeniya In 1981, he completed an external diploma in Rural Development from University of Colombo.


On books authored by Jayalath was reminisced in a television dialog. The first poetry book ‘Dolosmahe Pahana’ in year 1973 ,was jointly contributed by Sunil Ariyaratne,Buddhdasa Galapaththy and himself .Though the duo was at the Sri Jayewardenapura University the trio were used to meet at stage dramas of Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra very frequently, the three were then were very interested in composing poetries. The book ‘Thana Mala Pipila” in 1988 was authored by him which was made into a stage play which depicts all stages of life mostly rural folks well portrayed. The book is registered as a compulsory school book emphasizing the lives of village folk extensively, Even today this play is staged at the requested of interested audiences .His first play had been highly unsuccessful in 1980 ‘Maha Giri Damba’ but he had not  got discouraged, then he had made “Puthra Samagama” a translation of a foreign novel translated by Prasanna Vithanage via which he had learnt a lot on stage plays, having staged many times in Sri Lanka and also in foreign countries. The stage pay “Andarela” was based entirely on the tragic death of renowned actor Nihal Silva who was shot dead by an army gunman defying orders to stop. In this play “Andarela” was requested to come to King’s palace to entertain with his jokes ultimately faced with the same fate.In his stage play  from the book authored as “Guru Tharuwa” he emphasises the manner the teacher was eliminated from the class room similar to the governments activities by removing the subject of ‘literature’ from the syllabuses..”Sandagiri” is another  book authored by Jayalath which endeavours to explain ancient ‘thovil’,’kolam’, ‘sokari emphasising on the evolution of the style up to ‘Maname’ epoch. This was explained by Jayalath an  experimental endeavour of two hours the audiences could be made to be reminded of the stages of evolution. The book ‘Kaneru Mal” as the word itself relates to death, as there was an era when farmers had consumed “ Kaneru’ seeds to commit suicide.This was a matter to be alarmed as to why so many deaths were reported which was as a consequence of  political and social issue, which was the reason for him to author the book.Then his book “Sudu Redi Hora” which was in relation to our ancient ‘Sandeshiya Kavya” the same formula adopted to the play.The book “Booruwa Mahattaya” Jayalath had wondered how the theme in this book could be brought to the stage a translation of a Urdu author.


Jayalath before he blossomed had identified five pioneer forerunning dramatists Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra,Sugathapala De Silva, Gunsena Galappaththy, Henry Jayasena and Dayananda Gunawardena.Jayalath had been very privileged to have go the opportunity  to work but also  to associate with all these legends when he was still a novice, the break had never been achieved by his contemporaries.  Jayalath had quipped that it had been an experience similar to studying in five separate universities .Once Professor Sunil Ariyaratne had affirmed that Jayalath Manoratne had not learnt from books by reading, followed art in a school  ,courses but only with innate talent to become the legendary actor he is, it is believed that such an actor may not be born for centuries having devoted his entire life to art. It is hard to believe that how Jayalath had achieved so much to stage, small screen, and the cinema with such a vast impact. Jayalath has confessed he has had three dreams, one to the enter a University, the Peradeniya University and  just to  only see Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra which he had been successful in fulfilling .In the University Professor Sarathchandta had been his Sinhala ‘Guru”. Jayalath had affirmed that if any stimulus and motivation he had received for dramas, it had been owing and via Professors inspiration.


.It is reported that it was in the year 1978/1979 that Jayalath had commenced to be on a  route to stardom. But before that he had been seen blossoming as a ‘chorus’ singer in the renowned stage dramas like ‘Sinhabahu” and “Maname”.Initially in that era he had portrayed the role of  in the stage drama “Prematho Jayatho Soko” drama in 1969 having portrayed the role of the “ Uddala Bamuna’ which was acclaimed by Professor Sunanda Mahendra as a very energetic portrayal, which had stunned the audiences making them go to a ‘trance.’ It was also said that he is one outspoken actor also who could by his movements alone could make the audiences aware what he had demonstrated was an inimitable eminence in him. While in the Peradeniya University he had been interested extensively  in poetry, novels owing to Professor Saratchandra’s association going beyond the phenomenon of acting. Jayalath also had thought why does he portray roles, will that be of useful to people, to the world , hence while been in the field had endeavoured to make research as was very keen on learning which he does in a regular basis as he grew older as stressed by Professor Sunanda Mahendra ..


In the Sri Jayewardenapura University Jayalath had undergone a post graduate diploma course on archives and mass communication registering for the MA degree and also for his PhD which many do not know. Authorities of the University of Peradeniya had honoured Jayalath with the rare Doctor of Letters (DLitt) degree awarded for having displayed great academic understanding the field of study of a subject, which if compared with foreign universities is a very high level award. On his own initiative had written an investigational thesis on the insistence of professors Sunil Ariyaratne, Tissa Kariyawasam, Sunanda Mahendra,Walter Marasinghe ,which was accepted by the related University authorities. In 1981, he completed an external diploma in Rural Development from University of Colombo. For his post graduate qualifications Jayalath had selected Sri Jayewardenapura University where Jayalath completed his master’s degree from the University of Sri Jayewardenapura, also obtaining a PhD. He was the only postgraduate to obtain a First Class Degree in 1995. In year 2013, he accepted an honorary Doctorate offered by the University of Peradeniya.

In a television dialog Professor Sunanda Mahendra emphasised Jayalath’s enormous talent in respect of creativity able to interpret the feelings of the characters in compelling way, the attire to go with the character, memorization skills, persistence, physical stamina, speaking skills ,singing skills and  contrivance which Jayalath possess in abundance, which only a talented actor could perform. Jayalath had portrayed main characters in over sixty  stage plays had scripted ,produced, acted  and directed in over ten stage dramas .In his own play ‘Thana Mala Pipila” stage play he portrays the role of an elderly traditional dancer to precision. Jayalath had quipped that in a stage play what need to be predominantly  given to the viewer is entertainment and with it , to make him a new person giving him illustrations to his life for him to follow the good examples. Once Professor Sunil Ariayartne had quipped how does he store all dialogues within himself  at a drama festival where seven different stage dramas with diverse lyrics, songs and portrayals need to be lifted to unprecedented tall elevations. For his portrayal for the role in the stage play “Socrates’ of Professor Sunanda Mahendra , quipped portraying as the Greek Philosopher with a long beard was described by Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra as “ A Masterpiece’.,where he had resorted to his own inimitable style which others too had wanted to replicate but could not match him.No one else though endeavoured to imitate him had but had proved futile .For tolerating his continuous participation in drama’s his wife Tamara Jayanthi should be commended ,who once when quipped about his portrayals had affirmed “ his life is exclusively acting’. Gunasena Galappaththy had affirmed out of all his stage play he had produced and directed he had placed “Thana Mala Pipila” and “Guru Tharuwa” right in front where acting and singing is not an easy task for any actor, he had affirmed not a single actor had hence come to his rank and level. After Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra and Dayananda Gunawardena , the view of  many critics is that Jayalath Manoratne  stands next on line, as he had done research and experimented by studying narrations of characters in stage dramas likes of Bertol Brecht ,also in many translation dramas. Professor Sunil Ariyaratne confessed once that sans Jayalath Manoratne there would be no theatre in native Sri Lanka .

In 1966 Jayalath had started acting when he was a school student, making his acting debut in the stage drama Aspha Gudung, which was selected for the finals of the annual provincial inter-school drama competition and won the Certificate of Excellence in Performance at the All-Island Inter-School Drama Competition held at the Lumbini Theatre,which was the first time he had travelled down to Colombo..

Originally playing minor roles in plays as ‘Maname’, ‘Sinhabahu ‘under Professor Sarachchandra’s guidance, Jayalath embarked on a mainstream acting career, beginning with the operatic play ‘Premato Jayati Soko’ portraying the role “Uddala Bamuna”. Whilst performing in this play he met his future wife, Tamara Jayanthi.de Silva . Jayalath had gone  to Nuwara Eliya Kachcheri to get a job and at that time, he had produced remakes of Sarachchandra’s plays ‘Raththaran ‘and ‘Elowa Gihin Melowa Awa’. He has acted under all the five major stage drama directors in Sri Lankan history -Professor Sarachchandra, Sugathapala De Silva,Dayananda Gunawardena,Gunasena Galappatty and Henry Jayasena .In year 1980, he produced his maiden theatre play ‘Mahagiri Damba’. His only translation drama play came through ‘Puthra Samagama’ produced in 1985. It is the adaptation of Russian play ‘The Elder Son ‘of Alexander ‘Vampilov’ In year1988, he produced the popular play ‘Thalamala Pipila’ and then ‘Andarela’ in year 1993. The play ‘Andarela’ also brought Jayalath’s first documentary role. In 1996 he produced Guru Tharuwa and then Sanda Gira in 1998. He continuously produced plays of many genres in following years included ‘Kaneru Mal’ (2000), ‘Lokaya Thani Yayak’ (2005), ‘Makara’ remake (2007), ‘Sudu Redi Horu’ (2008), ‘Buruwa Mahaththaya’ (2012),’ Sellam Nirindu’ (2013) and ‘Handa Nihanda’ (2016). During the twenty six consecutive years from 1980 to 2016, he made nearly 15 plays. From that time on Jayalath had acted in over 80 plays, and directed eleven plays of his own. His play ‘Andarela’ won the State Literary Award in year 1995 and then ‘Guru Tharuwa’ won State Literary Award in year1996.]

In year 2014, Jayalath performed in a theatre festival named ‘Dawas Pahalos Daha’ (fifteen thousand days), which showcased a collection of eight plays representing different periods and issues and produced by Jayalath himself. These eight stage plays were ‘Lokaya Thani Yayak’, ‘Sellam Nirindu’, ‘Thalamala Pipila’, ‘Buruwa Mahaththaya’, ‘Guru Tharuwa’, ‘Andarela’ and ‘Puthra Samagama’. It is not at all easy for an actor to display his skills remembering the portrayals, lyrics, songs daily for eight days, but it was possible only to Jayalath a very tedious monotonous workout.


Some of Jayalath’s notable dramas were:Ahas Maliga, Andarela,Andirale Nadagama.,Angara Ganga Gala Basi,Ape Panthi Kamaraya,Api Gewanne Na,Asaatha Manthare,Aspha Gudung,Buruwa Mahaththaya,Chitrage Prema Kathawa,Debiddo,Diwes Helanu Mena,Don Juan,Dunna Dunu Gamuve,Dvitva,Elowa Gihin Melowa Awa,Gajaman Puwatha,Guru Tharuwa,Handa Nihanda, Hiru Nathi Lowa,Horu Samaga Heluwen,,Jasaya Saha Lenchina kaneru Mal,Lokaya Thani Yayak,Lucinde,Maala Walalu,aa Wani Bilinda,Madhura Javanika,Madhura Pura,Magul Prastava,Maha Giri Damba,Mahe Hene Kathawa,Maha Hene Riri Yaka,Mahasara,Makara,Maname,Mayadevi,Megha,Modara Mola,Naaga Gurula,Nari Bena,Nariya Saha Keju,Nelum Pokuna,Oththukaraya,Pematho Jayathi Soko,Perahera Enawo,Pokuru Wassa,Puthra Samagama,Raassa Saha Paraassa,Raththaran remake,Ratu Hattakari,Rhinoceros,Sahathika Nokala Maranayak,Sanda Gira,Sapiriwara Mathin,Satha Saha Satha,Sathuru Mithuru,Sellam Nirindu,Serade Seetha,Sihina Sappuwa,Sinhabahu,Siri Sangabo,Socrates, ,Subhasadhaka,Subha Saha Yasa,Suddek Oba Amathai,,Sudu Redi Horu,Tharavo Igilethi,Thawath Udesanak,Thala Mala Pipila,Ukdandu Ginna, Wasudeva,Wessanthara,Yathra.


Jayalath started his television tele drama career with the drama ‘Aebeddiya’ of Parakrama Niriella. Then he showcased his ability through many serials such as ‘Doo Daruwo’, ‘Sindui Bindui’, ‘Gamperaliya’. His role as “Punsiri” in Doo Daruwo became highly popularized. He became popular in comedy roles in ‘Bodima’ and then in ‘Ramya Suramya’. In  year 2005, Jayalath played triple roles for the first time in Sri Lankan teledrama history in a miniplay directed and scripted by himself, titled ‘Thunpath Ratawaka Lassana.’ In year 2006, he directed the serial ‘Mage Kaviya Mata Denna’ Apart from acting, Jayalath Manoratne also directed many television serials such as ‘Sekku Gedara’, ‘Ransirige Sangramaya, ‘Mage Kaviya Mata Denna’, ‘Thunpath Ratawaka LassanaEeye Ada Saha Heta and Thaththe Api Awa. He also directed single episode miniplays such as Bappage Paminim’aAege AwuruddaRaja Thun Kattuwa’, ‘Nidahasa’, ‘Seettuwa’, ‘Denna Demallo,’ ‘Sathuru Mithuru’, ‘Duppathunda Adaraya Karathi,’ ‘Santhapaya ‘and ‘Buddha Puthra.

Some other selected  television serials were: Abeddiya,Arungal,, Bodima,Bumuthurunu,Deiyo Sakki,Deweni Yuddhaya,Deweni Gamana ,,Doratu Rakinno,Dumriya Andaraya,Eeye Ada Saha Heta,Gal Pilimaya Saha Bol Pilimaya’,Gajaman Nona,Gamperaliya,Ganga Saha Nissanka, Hath Pana,Hiru Sandu Hamuwe, Hiruta Muwawen,Irata Handana Mal 2,Jeewithaya Dakinna ,Kande Gedara,Madol Doowa, Mage Kaviya Mata Denna,,Manik Nadiya Gala Basi,Man Nathida,Minissu,, Moragiri Kanda,Nomerena Minissu,Nopipena Mal,Passe Gena Manamali (1989),Pateelage Kathawa, ,Pawara Menuwara,,Punchi Patau,Ramya Suramya,Ranketi Doni,Roda Hatara Manamalaya, Sabanda Eliyas,Sakisanda Eliyas,Samanali,Sanda Amawakai,Sandara Vandana,Sasara Sanda,Saradiel,Sedona ,Senehasata Amanthranayak,Sindui Bindui,Sooriya Kusuma,Thunpath Ratawaka Lassana,Uthuwankande Sura Saradiyel,Veeduru Mal],Vinivindimi, Visithunweni Horawa,Walakulu,Wanabime Sirakaruwo,, Warna,Wetath Niyarath,Weten Eha

Another area Jayalath excelled  were in radio plays like Theruwan Saranai, and Bashmanthara,Dolos Mahe Pahana,Dawasa Thawamath Tharunai,Minihata Ninda Yanda ,Ati Piyadasa saha Kumariya, Sindu Bindu, Sinhala Naatye, Prasangika Kalathmaka Wardhanaya Wahi Enathuru


Jayalath unfortunately had an adverse medical condition from a brain cancer was admitted on 13th November 2018, to a private hospital, Colombo had undergone a surgery for removal of a brain tumor. After the surgery he had continued to work in dramas for a brief period, when the illness had got worse. He continued to take medical treatment from Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Maharagama since mid 2019. On 12 January 2020, he died while receiving treatment at the hospital. Funeral took place on 15 January 2020 amidst a huge gathering of mourners was cremated at Boralesgamuwa .

On the following day the Independent Television Network telecast a special two hour ‘Doramadalawa’ program drawing attention to what Jayalath Manoratne had asserted in a previous ‘Doramadalawa’ program. Below are some excerpts the writer extracted from it. Jayalath had emphasized that an ‘art creation’ would never die. As all his colleagues are aware Jayalath Manoratne was a person who possessed a tremendous sense of humour who related many witty stories. Jayalath was able to substitute phrases or portrayals with consummate ease. In the stage play of Ranjith Dharmakeerthi’s “Modera Mola” he was the ‘Liyana Mahattaya” innocent old person, in the ‘premiere ‘showing Jayalath had to enter the stage first, when the Mudalali and wife were on stage. Suddenly had found his slippers missing unfortunately he had been given a ramshackle pair of slippers which did not suite him at all given by the “Kategura” Jayasinghe, hence could not walk properly But he had walked in an unusual manner which was not supposed to be in the script of the play.This crooked walk after which became his walk in the following shows which was hailed by a critic that as even the Lilyana Mahattaya’s walk was peculiar. Jayalth was very famous for successfully emulating others which was a hall mark outside his boundless acting career.

Upon hearing of his demise of the limitless legendary actor the entire media,print,television ,radio personal were dumfounded. Even the ordinary folk in villages knew him as ‘Mano” for his creations, his face, singing , comedy. Mourners had flocked in thousands to his residence along Abeywardena Mawatha in Boralesgamuwa to pay last respects. Gunasena Galapaththy confessed that the numbers who came to pay last respects to his unshaken body reminded him of the funeral of HR Jothipala, as resembling to a massive cultural tower had tumbled. The presenter Hasantha added as the person who had conducted the Doramadalawa program for eighteen years could not  bear his loss, all participants  Diddeniya,Ratna Lalani, Buddhadasa Galapaththy  were evidently seen shedding tears during the program. Ratna Lalani commented that Jayalath had given the love of  his fans back to them .In all his creations he predominantly  spread love among all ages.She added that Jayalath always had a book in his hand, when the cast were having a break he always had said not to gossip but indulge in  useful dialogues to enhance knowledge, even on  a foreign tour when the cast elaborates on what they ate having a laugh, Jayalath ha advised why not talk about the country, the culture etc instead of giggling. All discourse him as the boundless “Maha Minisa” who developed his own inimitable distinctive drama tradition which teachers and universities should continue to spread.

Jayalath started his cinema career with a minor role in Thilaka and Thilaka in year 1979. Then he entered professional cinema acting through the 1979 film “Handaya” which was directed by Titus Thotawatte. Since then, he has acted in more than 30 films across many genres of drama, romance, thriller, and comedy. He was a recipient of Kalasuri and Kala Keerthi due to his enormous contribution to the drama career. Some of his notable films include ‘Sooriya Arana,’ ‘Ho Gaana Pokuna’, ‘Bherunda Pakshiya’ and ‘Walapatala’, where he was awarded for best actor and best supporting actor in many award ceremonies. His final film act came through Theja Iddamalgoda’s debut film ‘Ashavari.’Some of the other films Jayalath Manoratne had acted in are Handaya,Siribo Ayya,Saranga,Jeewathayen Jeewithayak,Muhudu Lihini,Prathana,Athuru Mithuru,Mangala Thegga,Hitha Honda Chandiya,Hima Gira,Sthree,Sisila Gini Gani,Umayangana,Saptha Kanya,Thunweni Ehhe,Rathu Aluwama,Punchi Suranganaviya,Sudu Kaluwara,Premawanthayo,Gini Kirilli, Sudu Kalu Saha Alu,Samanala Thatu,Hiripoda Wessa,Siri Raja Siri,Bindu,Bambara Wallalla,Pravegaya, Daruwane, Zoom, Dedunu Akase,A Level,Vaishevee,Goal,Thaala,Miss Jenis,Ice Cream,Suvisi Viwarana,Deveni Uddhaya, Kathuru Muwath,Vedi Novadina Lamai…The last five films are yet to be released.

Jayalath ha won several awards at the local stage drama  ,television and film festivals for acting and direction.Also had won state literary awards for his two books  “Andarela” and ‘Guru Tharuwa” .also for his script “Thanamala Pipila” is prescribed for the syllabus of GCE (ordinary level).Jayalath was bestowed with literary awards, in 1974 for Best Actor, Rathu Hattakaru,1984 Puthra Samagama,1988 Thanamala Pipila,1988 Thanamala Piipla for Best Director also for the best script.,1990 Best Actor -Socrates,1991 Dvitya Best Actor,1993 Best script writer-Andarela,Best script in 1996 Guru Tharuwa, also for the best Play.
Jayalath ha won several awards at the local stage drama  ,television and film festivals for acting and direction .Also had won state literary awards for his two books  “Andarela” and ‘Guru Tharuwa” .also for his script “Thanamala Pipila” is prescribed for the syllabus of GCE (ordinary level).Jayalath was bestowed with literary awards, in 1974 for Best Actor, Rathu Hattakaru,1984 Puthra Samagama,1988 Thanamala Pipila,1988 Thanamala Piipla for Best Director also for the best script.,1990 Best Actor -Socrates,1991 Dvitya Best Actor,1993 Best script writer-Andarela,Best script in 1996 Guru Tharuwa, Also for Best Play.At the Sarasaviya awards 1988 Mangala Thegga Best supporting Actor,2004 Sudu Kaluwara Best Supporting Actor,2007 Berunda Pakshiya Best Supporting Actor,2015 Hogana Pokuma for Best Supporting Actor.Raigam Tele Awards 2009 Arungal Best Actor, 2013 In appreciation of service to Drama “Prathiba Praba award.Sumathi Awards 2002 Best Actor in Sanda Amawaka, 2004 Best Script in Ramya Suramya, Derana Film Awards in 2016 Best Actor Hogana Pokuna,Hiru Golden Awards 2016 Best Comedian Ho Gana Pokuna, Signis awards 1988 Mangala Thegga Best Supporting Actor,2016 Ho Gana Pokuna, Best supporting Actor, Presidential Film Awards  2006 Best Supporting Actor in Bherunda Pakshiya 2017 Ho Gana Pokuna Best Supporting Actor.

Jayalath Manoratne  married Tamara Jayanthi de Silva, younger sister of first Suppa Devi Malini Ranasinghe in year 1979.  The duo has one daughter, Uthpala Indeewari and one son, Bhanuka Prabuddha. Uthpala is married to Shivanka Perera and Bhanuka is married to Hiranya Dulashini Gamaariya domiciled in Melbourne.From the above it is very evident that Jayalath Manoratne has contributed to Art in enormous quantities which is very doubtful no other actor would ever be born  to achieve in native Sri Lanka for centuries. May his journey through the sansaric circle be swift and short until he attains supreme bliss of nirvana.


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