Gold worth Rs. 4.4 million robbed near bank


A woman who was carrying a bag with gold jewelry worth around Rs. 4.4 million to be kept at safety locker at a state bank in Kadawatha has been robbed near the bank, the police said.

A senior police officer has said that as per the complaint, while getting off a bus and walking to the bank, a person who came from behind suddenly grabbed the woman’s mouth with one hand in such a way that she could not scream and stole her handbag containing gold jewelry.

In order to protect the gold jewelry in the house, the woman had kept the gold items in a safety locker for at the bank in Kadawatha area.

On the 19th of December, she had collected the gold which had been inside the locker to be worn to her to her cousin’s wedding.

The senior police officer said that after attending the wedding, the woman had been carrying gold in her handbag to be deposited back in the safe in the bank.

According to police sources, six gold bangles, one gold pendant, two gold necklaces, four gold rings and two pairs of gold earrings were stolen from the bag. (NewsWire)