Legendary vocalist Dharmadasa Walpola expired on the 25th December 1983 at a relatively young age of only fifty six years. Unlike in developed countries after demise of popular artistes who had done yeoman service to music ot art ,the state fail in their duty to felicitate them with commemorative events despite having our own Cultural Ministry though on record a very few such personalities have been accorded felicitating formalities during the period the were alive. Long after his demise a group of ardent fans of the legend had formed the ‘Dharmadasa Walpola Rasika Samajaya” based at number 96B Kotugodella Veediya, Kandy in his memory significantly as he was a resident of Deiyannewela, Kandy. Also in appreciation of his immense service to music to naïve Sri Lanka more predominantly to the cinema play back singing, as he possessed an ideal screen voice, having deprived the Indian singers who had dominated our playback singing before his advent. He had displayed his innate talent of musical virtuosity since his boyhood before been groomed to be a dominating figure as a vocalist.

All key members of the fan club had been very keen to organize at intervals many commemorative events for late Dharmadasa Walpola by organizing meritorious deeds like ‘pinkamas’, almsgivings, blood donation campaigns etc in year 2013.Also more appropriately had launched his biography authored by Kapila Kumara Kalinga, also had organized a commemorative stamp to coincide with his 30th death anniversary.

In proceeding further when Mathripala Sirisena was President in year 2018, was communicated by the members proposing a part of the road in the vicinity to his dwelling be named in his name as “Dharmadasa Walpola Place”. The process was however a bit cumbersome, but a senior secretary to the then President ,Sanath Weerasuriya had coordinated this issue with the Divisional Secretary ,Kelaniya Pradeshiya Saba, Executive Engineer Gampaha and the Chief Engineer of the Road Development Authority had obtained the required authority. The extent of the road thus approved was from the beginning of the Hungomahoda junction to Rani Dissanayake Road junction then nearby to his dwelling.

The name board “Dharmadasa Walpola Pedasa” was erected in year 2018 with approval to coincide with his 35th death anniversary on the 25th December 2018 in a solemn ceremony with the participation of some distinguished invitees. Unfortunately, before long some goons as often which predominantly transpires in native Sri Lanka had devastated the name board bringing it to down The photo above depicts the state of the name board the goons had destroyed to the ground .Vernon de Silva the honorary secretary of the ‘fan club’ and all members though very upset and hurt, which did not deter them having kept quiet had ordered for a another new name board “Dharmadasa Walpola Pedesa” which planned to be erected again on his 39th death anniversary on the 25th December 2022 at the same location.

If any interested party needs to find out about this formal event planned to take place in erecting a new name board “Dharmadasa Walpola Pedesa” on his 39th death anniversary day on the 25th December 2022 please contact the Honorary Secretary Vernon de Silva on his mobile 0775485200 or on his email ‘vernonsilva30@ gmail.com’