Chandani Seneviratne: A bubbly cruise on stage, teledrama and films for over three decades at peak of celebrity   

Chandani Seneviratne one of the most eminent artists in Sinhala cinema, stage and teledramas.Chandani  has received significant applause, praise from all quarters having received awards at almost  every award festival in Sri Lanka for several dramatic roles over the past three decades. Currently she is taking a breather  as not pleased with the current pattern of behaviour of many which had changed drastically from the recent past.At a television dialog recently she quipped that she is keen on directing a teledrama and a film and if time permits will depict a role in a stage drama too. For the immense expertise she had acquired in all three formats she had been unanimously elected to award judge panels from which she derives a huge pleasure also at times had to be subjected to severe criticism too.


Chandani is one of the most sought-after deity actresses during the past three decades portraying vivid roles, who has indisputably engraved a position in the souls and psyches of Sri Lankans for her impressive, incredible, and gripping feats in films, theatre and television. During this period the accolades received and inestimable awards won are in abundance. Thus her name is irrevocably allied with award winning television productions such as “Doo Daruwo”,”Gamperaliya” and “Giraya”. Along with these Tele dramas her name too was also etched as household names predominantly for her possessing of immense modesty and warmness in her vivid roles. 

For Chandani it had all begun during school years at St.Pauls Milagiriya, contemplatively after her primary education at Dharmapala Vidyalaya Pannipitiya. She had confessed that until then a career in acting had never penetrated her mind.  Instead, she attributes her preface to acting to legendary Somalatha Subasinghe, a renowned dramatist who was then was her teacher at St Pauls Milagiriya. Till then her curiosity had been confined basically to enjoy watching a film or a good quality play. However, by opportunity she had established a place in Somalatha Subasinghe’s group and she rapidly had got implicated in abundant children’s plays which she had exploited. 

Thus, her career began on stage acting in children’s plays and theatre of the ‘Vikurthi Natya.’ Then in year 1981, in the days where television and Teledramas were unheard of, Chandani got her first breakthrough playing a role in the film “Sathi Puja” for her role which she won the Presidential Award for best supporting Actress for portraying her debut role in this film. Since she was relentless as a hunted actress delegating her challenging and versatile roles entrusted to depict. Then on, she achieved much recognition from her triumphs, and it marked the beginning of a succession of roles in both television and cinema. She had acted in over 40 Tele dramas and 25 films to date. Chandani had also in the meantime embarked on a directorial debut in a five episode Tele drama “Sulang Seenu”for which she also had won awards. 

Possessing an accepted flamboyance for embracing her characters and the immense commitment combined with perseverance to her expertise have earned her inevitable status as well as every distinguished acknowledgment in the Sri Lankan film and Tele drama industry. She was also recognized with a Jury’s Special Mention at the Dubai International Film Festival for her performance in the film Nikini Wessa in year 2012. Despite all her accomplishments and prestige earned on  over 40 Tele dramas and 25 films, Chandani is well known for her humility, warmth and her very pleasing disposition towards everybody

Apart from winning the best Actress award at Dubai International Film Festival for ‘Nikini Wessa’ in year 2012 and the best supporting Actress for her debut film “ Sath Puja” in year 1984,  Chandani  won Sarasaviya Award for the best Actress in year 2006 for her role portrayed in “Udu Gan Yamaya”,SIGNIS Gold award for Creative Acting (Female) – Udu Gan Yamaya also in year 2006 ,Presidential Award for the best supporting Actress – Sulanga in year 2006, SIGNIS special merit Award – Sarasaviya Award for the best supporting Actress – ‘Uppalawanna’ in year 2007,Lanka Live Award for best Actress – Nikini Wessa in 2012 ,Hiru Golden Film Award for best Actress , SIGNIS Award for Creative Performance (Female): Silver Award – Nikini Wessa in 2012 and also Signis Award for most creative supporting Actress – Kusa Paba in year 2013.,In year 2018 for the best supporting actress Signis award for best supporting actress in ‘Bedde Kulawariya.’ The teledrama based on the novel. In the 25th Sumathi awards in year 2020 Chandani won the best supporting actress award for her role in ‘Weeraya Gedera Awith’ for her role as Malkanthi, at this awards ceremony she quipped on the awards given for the popular acter and actress on ‘SMS’ polling for which she was not in favour to become popular via a voting system as it not essentially for acting skills.In that year Sajitha was voted the most popular to which she agreed as he is a competent and talented. In year 2018 Chandani also won an award for the supporting actress in ‘Bedde Kulamaiya’ ,a teledrama based on that novel.It should be mentioned that since Raigam Tele awards commenced the most number of  awards had been snatched by Chandani consecutively having snatched in the year 2005 for her portrayal in “Punchi Rala”, in year 2006 for her portrayal  in “Jeevithayata Idadenna”, in year 2008 for her role “Rala Bidena Thena”, then in year 2011 “Thaksalawa” award for the best ‘supporting actress’then in year 2019 won the best actress for her role in “Sahodaraya”. At one award ceremony after receiving her award to the presenter’s question she remarked her is to endeavour to do better ,this is a vocation respect it ,not just be there but  perform as there is a lot of competition which is growing adding it is an honourable profession too.


After all her above triumphs she had divulged her present views on our Tele drama field at the “Sihinayaki Re” programme of the SLRC as the ‘Guest’.. When the producer and presenter Mahesh Nissanka asked about her present work and assignments, she said the Tele drama field is not steady at present, hence she has opted to pick and choose her roles and hence she is not busy, spending her time at home. She lamented that the present Tele drama field is on a backward trend which is a disastrous ,it is unlikely it would change with the present generation of artistes whose ideas and styles of life, culture are very indifferent and pathetic. Chandani had confessed that her mother Nayana Eriyagama was the greatest inspiration to her life as she had encouraged her to reach unprecedented heights to achieve all her dreams. 

Chandani had commenced her film career in year 1984 in the film “Sathi Pooja in 1998 ‘Saharaye Sihinaya” etc.had acted in over thirty films a few are yet to be screened, the last film screened was in year 2022 the film CineMa. 

Chandani’s television serials are much more around seventy five or more some are: Adaraneeya Amma ,, Akala Sandya, Ammai Thaththai Appachchi, අමා Arungal  Bandara Deiyo Bedde Kulawamiya Bonikko Bumuthurunu ,Chess, Dekona Gini Deiyo Sakki Doo Daruwo Dumriya Andaraya  Gamperaliya Gangulen Egodata Giraya හෘද සාක්ෂිය, Hiru Kumari Ilandari Hendewa Imadiya Mankada Jeewithaya Dakinna Jeewithayata Idadenna [Kaala Nadee Gala Basi ,Karuwala Gedara ,Kasthirama Kinihiraka Pipi Mal , ]Madol Doowa Maha Polowa Mayim Neyo , Nannadunanni Nedeyo Nil Ahasa Oba, Niranandaya Nisala WilaOba Kawda One Way,Piyasa Pithru Punchi Rala Rala Bindena Thena [3Ramya Suramya[,]Sadgunakaraya [SahodarayaSanda Duranan Sankranthi Samaya Sathpura Wesiyo Senakeliyai Maya[]Sihina Danauwa Sikuru Udanaya ,Siththara Gurunnanse Smarana Samapthi[3Sudo Sudu Sudu Andagena Kalu Awidin, Sulanga Matha Mohothak Thaksalawa Thara Tharu Walalla Theth Saha Viyali ,Vinivindimi, Weda Hamine, Weeraya Gedara With Yakada Pahan Thira Etc,


The amount of contribution made by Chandani to art in Sri Lanka is gigantic as an acclaimed actress. It would be the fervent hope of all has fans to wish her the very best in all her future endeavours wishing her good health.


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