To be highly imaginative is evidently one of the leading and most significant characteristics that make great actors.There is a hefty element of acting that one will require one to take emotion and truths from one’s own life into the acting character portrayed. Those resources any actor  would  have at his disposal . Sometimes one must completely plant yourself in alternate realities that encompass absolutely nothing from the world you know. This is where your imagination will take over.  This is where the imagination of the actor takes over . Actors have wild and vivid minds to  have a real nurtured relationship with their visions.The duty of an actor is to emulate others who are not themselves which they need to strengthen by  uninterrupted exercise. Possession of energy is vital for any actor which should be stored in one’s body knows how to move the energy in themselves to help and guide in their portrayals. These basic characteristics needed for an actor are possessed by Bimal Jayakody.

Bimal is the eldest of the family, his father Kamal Jayakody was a regional politician and an actor, his brother was a musician, actor too.His grand parents too loved art, while father’s sisters  are Geeta Kanthi  and Rathna Lalani Jayakody who are both acclaimed actresses on stage , theatre and cinema,while Paboda Sandeepani Bimal’s cousin sister daughter of Geetha Kanthi Jayakody.It is apparent that Bimal has acquired hereditary affiliations to art abundantly from his lineages. Bimal is mainly a television and film actor, who contributed diverse array of television serials of many genres. Apart from television, he also acted in few stage plays such as ‘Apahu Enna Be’. Bimal had acted only a handful of stage plays had affirmed in a television dialogs that stage does not suit him , he needs to study better before launching on stage again.

Jayakodige Dona Dhanuka Bimal Jayakody was born on 21 June 1977,  popularly known as Bimal Jayakody is an actor predominantly in cinema and television. He is a highly versatile actor,  is known for many dramatic roles and award nominations at many festivals. Bimal had been educated at Terrance N De Silva Maha Vidyalaya Kolonnawa had been more interested  in musical activities than studies had been in the school’s band under the music teacher his ‘Nanda’ Rathna Lalani Jayakody, then  had been the drums player in school band “ Maroons” for a number of years, later had joined other bands later also as a base guitarist plays to date whenever opportunity arises. Bimal’s paternal grandmother  herself who loved art had been very keen to see Bimal becoming an actor had taken him for many stage plays and films involving  aunties Geetha Kanthi and Ratna Lalani . She had unfortunately died before Bimal became an actor. As Bimal grew he was blamed for not finding a suitable employment  .But after Sampath Tennakoon had joined the family marrying Rathna Lalani his aunt, Bimal got somewhat of a break been able to find some sort of employment at Sampath Tennakoon ‘s Production House, owning equipment for stage plays, teledramas etc,. Here Bimal got the rare opportunity to learn many areas in films ,teledramas etc,. Bimal was fortunate to meet versatile film, teledrama directors, assistant directors which was a  huge boost to Bimal to pursue a career in tele dramas and films,  had learnt many areas in photography among other technical stuffs, particularly video work he  had learnt thoroughly including many other areas needed for an actor for about seven years

While at the production house Bimal he had met Prasanna Jayakody, no relation as many think, who had requested to grow his hair and beard to offer  to portray a role in a teledrama  series “Hada Vila Sakmana’  , having  quipped he was searching for a guy like him. Bimal had quipped that Prasanna Jayakody was a director who always endeavoured to get the best out of portrayals of actors. Bimal attributed that if he had been a success, he owed to directors whom he associated with during his tenure at the production house at which he had been an assistant cameramen at times also the chief cameraman mainly the technical know-how where it is not taught anywhere sans a acting school. Bimal had worked for a month or so under competent cameraman Sumitta Weerasinghe for which he claimed like been inside a university.  Had not hitherto attended to any workshops , only afterwards commenced acting he had participated in workshops to enhance his skills. Bimal was very fortunate to meet stalwarts like Jayalath Manoratne ,W Jayasiri, Mahendra Perera,Chandanie Seneviratne,Palitha Perera etc who were constant visitors to the production house. Bimal though had  got the foundation had wanted to be a different actor to others not emulating any.It had taken some time for Bimal to get into the real rhythm in acting. Bimal had continued to remain in the production house of Sampath Tennakoon’s despite getting roles to portray. For his first portrayal in a single episode teledrama of Prasanna Jayakody had received an award for the best up and coming actor, after which he had thought he should portray better to have more confidence in him in portrayal of roles. After his portrayal in his first film ,while watching it screened had realised the responsibility of the role entrusted , wanted to perform with minimum of lapses or inadequacies thereafter. His contemporaries then  were Roshan Ravindra,Priyantha Dissanayake, Sampath Jayaweera, Pradeep Dharmadasa,Manujula Wediwardena  who were then assistants of director, make up artiste, cameraman etc. having portrayed all secondary roles .

In early teledrama tenure Bimal had met his wife Sujani Menaka also a teledrama actress during the shooting of teledrama “Ramya Suramya”  far back in year 2000 where both had portrayed major roles, had tied the nuptial knot in year in year 2007 on January 25th.The duo leads a very happy family life but having some issues for not properly understanding, but endeavouring to live together sans conflicts like many other families.

Bimal after his seven year tenure in the production house had worked as a producer in a media company until he devoted full time to acting.Bimal commenced sta his film career with ‘Ali Patiyo Oyay Mamai ‘back in  year 2006, though minor role. After that, he played many leading and critically acclaimed roles in many instances in cinema, such as in Sankranthi, GamaniAbaSiri Parakum and Sakkarang.  He was nominated for awards io several occasions for Gamani and Sakkarang and gain critical acclaim. In 2008, he acted in Sri Lanka’s first Digital movie named Hetawath Mata Adaraya Karanna. The film was telecast on the Valentine’s Day, 14 February  year 2008 through ‘Citi Hitz Satellite movie’  channel of Dialog Television.

Bimal was  awarded  the Best Actor at 2012 in Raigam Tele’es for his role in ‘Senakeliyay Maya’. He is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in several award ceremonies at the local stage drama festivals and television festivals.

The teledrama’s acted  that comes to mind are ,Amaa, Agni piyapath, Anavaratha,Angana, Athuru Mithuru,Bharyawo, Bhava Arana, Daam, Degammadiyawa,Devana Warama, Devini Inima, Ehipillamak Yata  Megha,Hada Vila Sakmana, Husma Saha Oxygen,Ithirena Kiri,,Ihirunu Kiri, Jeewithaya Dakinna,Jeewithayata Idadenna,Kadathira,Maya Ranaga,Mihidum Sevaneli ,Mihidum Sihina,Olu 2,Pabalu, Pani Makuluwo, Raahu, Rala , Ralla Veralata Adarei ,Ramya Suramya, Rasthiyadukaraya, Sadhisi Tharanaya, Sagare Se Man Adarei,Samanala Wasanthaya, Samanalunta Wedithiyanna, Sanakeliyai Maya, See Raja, Sihina Aran Enna, Sithin Siyawara, Snap, Sulanga Maha Meraka, Thamba Pata Handewa,Veeduru Mal, Vishnu Sankranthiya, Vishwanthari, Wara Mal, Wasana Wewa

Apart from acting skills Bimal had excelled as a vocalist. Though he was an accomplished drums player from school days and thereafter in several bands as a base guitarist  had been a vocalist but did not prolong as a career though had sung in many television and radio FM channels. Bimal starred in the popular TV Derana ‘Ma Novena Mama” compared by Kelum Sri Mahal where he had to sing seven songs he liked of other popular vocalists .Bimal did release his first song as far back in year 2014 titled “Oba Aye Dawasaka”, but hopes to concentrate more on singing as he is talented in it too.

Bimal had portrayed vivid roles in many films well over thirty five , some of them though work is completed are yet to be released.They are from year 2006 , Ali Patio Oyai Mamai,Sankranthi,Aba, Puthuni Hambagiya,Paya Enna Hiru Se,Sthuthi Nawatha Enna,Babarawallala ,Ira Handa Yata,Gamana, Bomba Saha Rosa,Siri Parakum,Nikini Wessa,Parawarthana., Address Nehe, Sakkarang,Adaraneeya Kathawak,Dedunu Akase, Tawume iskole, Dekala Purudu Kenek,President Super Star, U turn,Tsunami, Uthuru Sulanga, Kawruth Danne Neha, Night Rider,House of my Fathers,Sewaneli,CineMa, Ashwari,Love story etc,.


All his roles in teledramas and films portrayed are etched in the minds of viewers. He is very simple, down to earth and very unassuming for that reason he has so many close friends as associates. Most his popular portrayals in many teledramas were seen in his early days when quality teledramas were produced unlike today where many low quality teledramas are produced which are huge in number obtaining the services of novice actors and actresses. Unlike in the earlier decades the number of television channels have increased to unprecedented tall altitudes hence the quality of our teledramas have decreased to low levels as all channels need to be catered to.All fans of Bimal Jayakody will no doubt wish Bimal and Sujani Menaka strength to contribute to many new  quality creations to delight our audiences.


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